#028: Michael Ng

#028: Michael Ng

Michael Ng is an actor, director and high school drama teacher. We talk about his approach to writing and directing, how he recognizes and encourages talent in his students, how self-doubt affected his career, and getting his dream role in The King & I.

The HIFF screening of Michael’s short film, “Peace by Piece,” with Colleen Fujioka (actress), Mike, Kerri Chai (editor), and Ian Hirokawa (co-writer).
At a performance of KHSPAC’s “Once on This Island”. Front is Jodie Kiyokawa (actress), Dwayne Sakaguchi (choreographer), Nanilisa Pascua (musical director), and Mike.
Michael as the King of Siam in “The King & I” by I’m a Bright Kid Foundation.
Some of Michael’s students attending a performance of “The King and I”. It was their first time seeing him perform on stage.
#024: Kevin Yamada

#024: Kevin Yamada

Kevin Yamada is an actor. We talk about how he got thru 100+ auditions in NYC before he got cast as host of a children’s show on PBS, what it was like to act with the late great Robin Williams, and he shares some tips for up-and-coming actors.

“Nut Job” scene from Old Dogs

“Last Airbender”
On the red carpet at the premiere of “Old Dogs”
“Old Dogs”

“Flower Drum Song”
Ohia Productions’ “Raymond Rainforest”
“The King and I”
“Master of None” with Aziz Ansari
#021: Matt Pablo

#021: Matt Pablo

Matt Pablo is a performer, but he started out as a super shy kid. We talk about his mom and brother forced him into his first audition, how he started working with Don Ho at age 12, and his current job as a cast member at Disney World.
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Shy Matt
The Wizard of Oz at Diamond Head Theater – August 2003


With Don Ho

Some of the KPHC Cast

Opening Team for Aulani

Matt with his big brother Sam

With Dion Donahue
Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
Disney Junior – Live on Stage


#020: Kathleen Stuart

#020: Kathleen Stuart

Kathleen Stuart is a singer and actor from Kaneohe, now living and working in New York City. She’s back to reprise her role as Anna in “The King and I” presented by I’m A Bright Kid Foundation. We talk about following your dreams and Captain America.

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1998 makes a comeback, the original program
Kathleen and Mahi in the 1998 production of “The King and I”
Kathleen and Michael Ng in the 2017 production of “The King and I”
Kathleen and Michael, the master dancer
Mr. Bright doing the curtain speech – a rare photo with his serious face on
Kathleen (center) in her first show with Mr. Bright in 1990, the musical Revue with 5th-8th graders
Scary Devon (from Episode 19) backstage with Chris Slavens another longtime Bright Kid, and Kaeu Hussey on crew. Chris’ son is also in the show.
Allan Lau backstage with one of the twins!
George (Role of Lun Tha), Vanessa (Lady Thiang) and daughter Aubrey Benavente – a whole family in the cast
Jodi Bright Stein and Mia (Mr. B’s daughter and granddaughter)
#019: Devon Nekoba

#019: Devon Nekoba

Devon Nekoba is a co-host of the 94.7 KUMU Rise and Drive morning show. We talk about how a broken amulet and paperclip got him hooked on acting, his most embarrassing celebrity interview, and why he almost got beat up in elementary school.

KFC, circa 1990. (PC: Melissa Chang)
`Ohia Anniversary Show
Devon got his start in radio at FM100
94.7 KUMU team
Chewy Nekoba
#008: Niki Libarios

#008: Niki Libarios

Niki Libarios is the owner of Hawaii Doggie Bakery. We talk about running away because of math, unicorns, getting scoldings on social media, the world of dogs on Instagram, her Popo, and of course, running her business.



Niki in “The King and I”
Niki with Frank De Lima in “Scrooge”
Niki and Tasha dressed for “The Nutcracker”
The Libarios Family

#005: Andy (Pang) Kamoku

#005: Andy (Pang) Kamoku

Andy (Pang) Kamoku is a drummer who performed in Las Vegas and toured the world with the worldwide phenomenon, STOMP. He takes us behind-the-scenes and we talk about the time the entire New York New York casino chanted his name.

Here’s a clip we found of Andy with the Las Vegas cast of STOMP.

Andy performing at New Hope:


A couple clips of our band, Andy Loves TO Clap…?