#024: Kevin Yamada

#024: Kevin Yamada

Kevin Yamada is an actor. We talk about how he got thru 100+ auditions in NYC before he got cast as host of a children’s show on PBS, what it was like to act with the late great Robin Williams, and he shares some tips for up-and-coming actors.

“Nut Job” scene from Old Dogs

“Last Airbender”
On the red carpet at the premiere of “Old Dogs”
“Old Dogs”

“Flower Drum Song”
Ohia Productions’ “Raymond Rainforest”
“The King and I”
“Master of None” with Aziz Ansari
#018: Matt & Emily Chong

#018: Matt & Emily Chong

Matt Chong is the KING of TV game shows! Hear how he got on The Price is Right and Celebrity Name Game, go behind the scenes and find out if Mario Lopez really is that handsome in person. Matt and Emily also share their engagement story, it’s fantastic.

Emily & Matt 💖
Matt’s dad rockin’ the Versace
The Price is Right!
Matt with WWE Superstar, Xavier Woods!!!!!!!!!!
#004: Lopaka Kapanui

#004: Lopaka Kapanui

Lopaka Kapanui is a master storyteller, actor and former professional wrestler. He shares some bone-chilling stories from his ghost tours, and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his life as a professional wrestler.

Feeling brave? Take a tour with Lopaka and let us know how it is (we’re waaaay too chicken to go).

One of the stories from Lopaka’s YouTube. We didn’t watch it cuz we’re chicken, but we’re sure it’s awesome.

The night Lopaka got double-booked and took his ghost tour to his pro-wrestling match:

Johnny Allblack attacks Kaimana then steamrolls Ground Zero! Robert Lopaka Kapanui Edwin C. Flores Daniel Schuster Kris Underwood Ben Robertson

Posted by George Malvecino on Thursday, January 5, 2017