#028: Michael Ng

#028: Michael Ng

Michael Ng is an actor, director and high school drama teacher. We talk about his approach to writing and directing, how he recognizes and encourages talent in his students, how self-doubt affected his career, and getting his dream role in The King & I.

The HIFF screening of Michael’s short film, “Peace by Piece,” with Colleen Fujioka (actress), Mike, Kerri Chai (editor), and Ian Hirokawa (co-writer).
At a performance of KHSPAC’s “Once on This Island”. Front is Jodie Kiyokawa (actress), Dwayne Sakaguchi (choreographer), Nanilisa Pascua (musical director), and Mike.
Michael as the King of Siam in “The King & I” by I’m a Bright Kid Foundation.
Some of Michael’s students attending a performance of “The King and I”. It was their first time seeing him perform on stage.
#021: Matt Pablo

#021: Matt Pablo

Matt Pablo is a performer, but he started out as a super shy kid. We talk about his mom and brother forced him into his first audition, how he started working with Don Ho at age 12, and his current job as a cast member at Disney World.
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Shy Matt
The Wizard of Oz at Diamond Head Theater – August 2003


With Don Ho

Some of the KPHC Cast

Opening Team for Aulani

Matt with his big brother Sam

With Dion Donahue
Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
Disney Junior – Live on Stage


#018: Matt & Emily Chong

#018: Matt & Emily Chong

Matt Chong is the KING of TV game shows! Hear how he got on The Price is Right and Celebrity Name Game, go behind the scenes and find out if Mario Lopez really is that handsome in person. Matt and Emily also share their engagement story, it’s fantastic.

Emily & Matt 💖
Matt’s dad rockin’ the Versace
The Price is Right!
Matt with WWE Superstar, Xavier Woods!!!!!!!!!!