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by Oahu Event Planner on Nolan Hong
Hire Nolan!

Being in the wedding industry for over 10 years, I have worked many different emcees. Nolan is one of my favorite emcees to work with. When looking for an emcee, I look for 5 main characteristics/ skills:
1. Quick to respond: Many vendors on Oahu take days and even months to respond to a question or phone call while many others do not respond at all. Nolan has always answered my emails, phone calls, and texts in a timely manner. This is very important when an event is fast approaching and I do not have time wait for a response.
2. Professional: I have worked with emcees who think they are being funny but they end up offending the audience. Nolan is able to gauge the audience and be appropriately funny.
3. Flexible: There have been so many times that I have had to ask Nolan to change something on the fly to accommodate for a client’s last minute wishes or to accommodate for a vendor. Nolan has always been very flexible and can change things on the fly without stumbling or creating awkward pauses.
4. Entertaining: Many people think that anyone can be an emcee but entertaining a diverse crowd is a lot harder than one might think. Nolan is excellent at keeping the crowd entertained and interested in what is happening on stage.
5. Always Ready: Many emcees make the mistake of not prepping before an event, either because they do not have time or because they think they are good enough to “wing it”. I have had emcees say the wrong names, follow an outdated timeline, and mess up on things that have been discussed over and over. Nolan is always prepared and ready for his gigs.

For these reasons and more, I HIGHLY recommend Nolan as your official emcee. Just please do not take him on a day that I need him too =P

by Anthony on Nolan Hong
Best Emcee!

Nolan was our emcee for our wedding back in 2014. Not only was he always on top of things, but he carries himself very professionally while remaining easy going and very friendly. Not only did he go over and beyond what we expected, but he even went a bit further with helping us out with the games for our program! He also has a natural knack for speaking, and carried our program throughout the night without sounding rehearsed. I wouldn't hesistate to recommend him for your emceeing needs!

by Todd on Nolan Hong
Organized, Professional and Easy Going

Worked with Nolan when he coordinated a corporate event about a year ago. He made the process very easy for us and removed lots of the worry/hassle. He was prompt in contacting us about changes and connecting us with the correct person if we had questions. He had efficient and easy going communication so we felt comfortable asking questions. He went the extra mile to make sure things went as planned.

by Rachel on Nolan Hong
Nolan is the best!!

We were lucky to book Nolan as our emcee for our wedding! He was awesome!!! He kept everything running smoothly while keeping everyone laughing. I've been to a lot of local weddings and Nolan is definitely one of the best emcees out there. He doesn't sound scripted or forced and definitely a natural entertainer. I would highly recommend him as an emcee for any type of event.

by Aleena and Leland Nye on Nolan Hong
Exceptionally Talented

Nolan is professional, personal and so much fun! I am so glad we were able to have him emcee our wedding, he made our day so special. Nolan has a way with words, he was able to make it seem like he has known us for years and years. We highly recommend Nolan!!

by Elden Seta on Nolan Hong
Awesone Emcee!!!!

Nolan was so easy to work with. Very flexible and cooperative. He did an excellent job at our Aloha Concert making it an extremely memorable event for both the students and audience! I would highly recommend Nolan to emcee any event. I look forward to having him at our future events!!!

by Kelsey on Nolan Hong
#1 Emcee!

We could not have picked a better emcee for our wedding! Nolan is very easy to work with and charismatic. Nolan did an excellent job ensuring our reception ran smoothly. He is very adaptable to any situation that comes his way and carries himself very professionally. After our first counsultation with Nolan, we felt very comfortable with him and knew that he would do everything he could to make sure our wedding reception was fun, timely, and entertaining. I highly recommend Nolan Hong if you are looking for an excellent emcee for your event.

by Christine Yasuma on Nolan Hong
The PERFECT Emcee - Nolan Hong

There are a few things you want in an emcee. You want someone who’s aware of the flow of the event. You want someone who’s humorous and entertaining, but won’t steal the show. You want someone who’s good at thinking on their feet when things go wrong. A good emcee shines bright, but not brighter than the event itself. A good emcee bridges events in a program with witty and clever segues. I work with many emcees in my line of work, and Nolan Hong, more than anyone else, checks off all these great emcee traits and more.

by Jennifer Brindley on Nolan Hong
Wedding - MC

Nolan was my wedding emcee. He was so professional, thoughtful, and kind.Before the wedding, I had met with Nolan to go over my ideas and my schedule. He listened very well to my wants and needs, and even had some very helpful suggestions. I pretty much applied almost all of his ideas to my program. It was nice to know that I could trust him in these decisions because he has so much experience being an emcee.During the actual wedding reception, Nolan made sure that everything ran on schedule and very smoothly. There was a point where I made a mistake in the reception (my groom and I were supposed to stay on the dance floor for our first dance instead of actually walking up to the stage ), but Nolan was able to say a few things and guide us back to the floor smoothly, so no one noticed anything was wrong.During the meal, Nolan came to check in with me and to make that everything was going as I wanted it to. This showed me he was a very considerate emcee and I really appreciated his thoughtfulness.I would definitely recommend Nolan for any event. He's awesome!

by Doug on Nolan Hong
Nolan is great!

A good emcee has super high energy, comical, gets the audience involved and works the crowd. A GREAT emcee does all this but brings the events together, connects with the audience and tells a story. Nolan IS a great emcee. We had the honor of having him emcee our wedding and everything ran smoothly. I still get compliments for his performance from my guests till this day. I highly recommend him to anyone having a wedding, party or celebration. You're awesome, thanks NOLAN!