#020: Kathleen Stuart

#020: Kathleen Stuart

Kathleen Stuart is a singer and actor from Kaneohe, now living and working in New York City. She’s back to reprise her role as Anna in “The King and I” presented by I’m A Bright Kid Foundation. We talk about following your dreams and Captain America.

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1998 makes a comeback, the original program
Kathleen and Mahi in the 1998 production of “The King and I”
Kathleen and Michael Ng in the 2017 production of “The King and I”
Kathleen and Michael, the master dancer
Mr. Bright doing the curtain speech – a rare photo with his serious face on
Kathleen (center) in her first show with Mr. Bright in 1990, the musical Revue with 5th-8th graders
Scary Devon (from Episode 19) backstage with Chris Slavens another longtime Bright Kid, and Kaeu Hussey on crew. Chris’ son is also in the show.
Allan Lau backstage with one of the twins!
George (Role of Lun Tha), Vanessa (Lady Thiang) and daughter Aubrey Benavente – a whole family in the cast
Jodi Bright Stein and Mia (Mr. B’s daughter and granddaughter)
#019: Devon Nekoba

#019: Devon Nekoba

Devon Nekoba is a co-host of the 94.7 KUMU Rise and Drive morning show. We talk about how a broken amulet and paperclip got him hooked on acting, his most embarrassing celebrity interview, and why he almost got beat up in elementary school.

KFC, circa 1990. (PC: Melissa Chang)
`Ohia Anniversary Show
Devon got his start in radio at FM100
94.7 KUMU team
Chewy Nekoba
#018: Matt & Emily Chong

#018: Matt & Emily Chong

Matt Chong is the KING of TV game shows! Hear how he got on The Price is Right and Celebrity Name Game, go behind the scenes and find out if Mario Lopez really is that handsome in person. Matt and Emily also share their engagement story, it’s fantastic.

Emily & Matt 💖
Matt’s dad rockin’ the Versace
The Price is Right!
Matt with WWE Superstar, Xavier Woods!!!!!!!!!!
#017: Rob DeMello

#017: Rob DeMello

Rob DeMello is the sports director at KHON2. He shares how he went from struggling in high school to getting a full-ride at HPU. We talk about co-parenting, UFC in Hawaii, and Nolan reminds another guest about another embarrassing story.


Rob at high school graduation with his mentor, Neil Everett

With UFC president Dana White
Rob’s adorable kids
WWE Tag Team Champions!
Where can we get this chocolate cake?????
Lucha! Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!
Rob and his wife, Tina

#016: Jennifer Lieu

#016: Jennifer Lieu

Jen Lieu is a marketing specialist, but we talk about growing up with a strict Chinese tiger mom. Imagine having to recite the multiplication table if you want to eat dinner. That was Jen’s life. And kind of Nolan’s too. Hilarity ensues. Enjoy!

Baby Jen with her parents
Jen and her baby brother

Jen’s husband Matthew (right) and his twin brother Curtis
Jen’s husband with his mom and the Garcia family
#015: Jake Shimabukuro

#015: Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro is an ukulele virtuoso, formerly of the band Pure Heart. He talks about how wanting a gig at a restaurant led to the creation of Pure Heart’s historic Hoku Award winning album, the breakup of the band, and their upcoming reunion concert. Check out our facebook page for videos of Jake playing at the Pop studio!

Pure Heart’s First Album
Pure Heart’s 2nd Album
Pure Heart Concert August 26th at Hawaii Theatre
The band Colo`n’s debut album, (the band Jake formed after Pure Heart disbanded)
Jake, Jon, and Lopaka winning multiple Hoku Awards in 1999
Hoku Awards won: Most Promising Artist, Best Island Contemporary Album and Album of the Year as voted by the Hawaii Academy of Recording Artists; and Entertainer of the Year, as voted by the public.


#013: Chris West (Part 2)

#013: Chris West (Part 2)

Part 2 with Chris West, former MMA fighter turned referee/coach. In this episode, we talk about cornering Chris “The Crippler” Leben in the UFC, dogs, and his wife’s career as a dolphin trainer. Check out the episode page for Part 1 of our interview with Chris for more pics.

#012: Chris West (Part 1)

#012: Chris West (Part 1)

Chris West is a former MMA fighter turned referee/coach. We talk about the time he got to spend the evening sitting next to Iron Mike Tyson, what ended his college football career, how he got into MMA and his fight with a K-1 kickboxing top contender.

Chris with Kendall “Da Spyder” Grove and Chris “The Crippler” Leben
With the UH football team
With BJ Penn, Charuto and a famous trainer that Nolan can’t remember

With Baret Yoshida, Chris Leben and Ray “Kong” Seraile


With Helio Gracie

With Max Holloway
With Romolo Barros and Kevin Yoshida

#011: Dave “Chinaman” Yeung

#011: Dave “Chinaman” Yeung

Dave “Chinaman” Yeung is a former MMA champion in Hawaii, turned coach. We talk about his Kamen Rider collection, growing up in Kukui Gardens, old school Chinese Kempo training, and his touching tales of his beloved Jackson’s chameleons.

Dave’s Kamen Rider collection

Center stage at Chinese Cultural Plaza
Dave is in the bottom row, middle yellow
The Legendary Karl Gotch, God of Wrestling
The night he received his Black belt in Kempo

Icon 145 lbs Champion
Team Chinaman

Team HMC circa 2006 [Back Row (L-R): Rob Carlyon, Chris West (upcoming podcast guest), Deshaun Johnson (mentioned in this episode – HMC guy who started the face-slapping tradition), not sure, Chris Wong. Middle Row: Seth Mckinney, Dave, Masa Mattu. Bottom Row: Vince Krause (mentioned in this episode – founder of Raze fight gear, guy who did cartwheel at To Chau), Kevin Yoshida, Dean Lista and Nolan]
Ghetto blaster gift from his students. The box says 28 lbs, but it’s actually 36 lbs.
Dave’s beloved TarZen
Head-kick knockout to Jim Kikuchi in his Shooto fight, 2004 at Blaisdell